About Us

The Founder

Waz Ashayer : Fitness Trainer & Entrepreneur
Wassim (Waz) Ashayer is a fitness professional and his achievements are extensive. Founder of pop-up fitness brand Raise LDN, Group Fitness Manager for global fitness brand Equinox, Trainer for leading on-demand fitness app FIIT and a brand ambassador for many leading fitness brands.
Waz comes from London and has recently moved to New York City. Following on from a successful modelling career, fitness is now his driving passion. He believes fitness is about inclusiveness, an experience, creating an enjoyable fun environment.

Try his classes at your own risk, be careful they are extremely addictive.
An experienced and business-minded individual with entrepreneurial flair, 33 year old Waz’s boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm for what he does is reflected in his already highly successful career in the fitness industry.

The Fitness Experience....

Raise LDN is a passionate fitness company and we believe every experience and workout should be memorable. We encourage and enforce a positive training environment, with the gathering of like-minded individuals, empowering participants physically and mentally.

Raise LDN takes over unique venues and delivers an unforgettable pop-up event. The workout is cleverly engineered and is a blend of three fitness disciplines:

- Resistance & Strength

- Cardio Conditioning

- Martial Arts

Think of Raise LDN as the fitness industry's legal high!